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Annica and Josef Puschl, who run Kapten Bille’s, are the people behind the warm and friendly atmosphere. On the menu, you will find their famous pepper steak, fillet of steak medallions, freshly made pasta, quiches, baked potatoes and more. In addition to delicious food, the restaurant offers home-made baked goods such as Apfelstrudel, Sacher and Schwarzwälder Kirsch Cake, ice-cream and tasty waffles with jam and cream. Kapten Bille’s Tosca cake is also a classic. The hostel offers 12 rooms with 42 beds in a charming, maritime environment. Those seeking rest and relaxation will find a good night’s sleep in a comfortable hotel bed in one of the cosy cabins. All rooms are equipped with flat-screen TV.  Kapten Bille (extend a warm welcome.

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