Opening hours

The hostel

The hostel Bookings: 9am-noon, 2pm-8pm

Checking in: 2pm-7pm

Please let us know if you will arrive after 7pm.

Book ahead during the low season as we are not always available.

The restaurant

Summer season Open Daily 10am to 9pm

Low season Wednesdays-Saturday: 10.00am to 8pm

Sunday: 10am–5pm

Motor home parking spots

There are 14 spots with electricity and 13 spots without electricity available from April.

Access to fresh water showers and toilets, but not toilet tank emptying.

Göta Canal

Pre-booking season: May 2-June 11 and August 15-September 29, 2019.

High season: June 12-August 14, 2019.

Guest marina

Access to electricity and fresh water. We also sell marine diesel.