Family reunion, birthday bash or a weekend away with friends? Hire the entire hostel with a kitchen/common room for a day or two.

A lovely dinner will of course be served at Kapten Bille’s.

Matros (Sailor), Styrman (Mate) and Båtsman (Bosun) are some of the names of our cabins. Here, you will sleep well in hotel beds in rooms of 2-4 beds. Half of the rooms have a view of Göta Canal. Toilets and showers are located near the rooms and the corridor displays a permanent photo exhibition of Josef’s and Annica’s many journeys across the oceans. A kitchenette is located downstairs.


If you just want to bring your group for a lovely dinner and great evening, of course we are happy to help you arrange that too.

We would love to help tailor your stay according to your needs, with meals, fika (that’s Swedish for coffee and something sweet!) accommodation and activities.

Bookings via email or telephone:

+46 (0)11-545 50