Homemade cakes at Kapten Bille´s!

Come and enjoy the canal and watch the boats glide by. Welcome to our Café and Meals. We will, among other things, homemade pastries such as tosca cake, Apfelstrudel and pies.

Welcom to our homepage.

Here we have put together useful information about Kapten Bille´s.

Of course you are always welcome to phone or send us an @-mail if you have any questions. If you nearby come in for a cup of  tea or coffee.

We have parking spots for motor homes along Göta Canal. There are 14 spots with access to electricity, shower and toilet. No latrine-emptying facilities.

Open from 1st Maj – 23 September !

Every Wednesday in July (from 19.30,we have MUSIC QUIZ. Live entertainment with music questions, make reservations early!


Lunch of the day:

11.30 – 14.00

Throughout the day you can choose something from our Menu

Kitchen open!

 Wed – Sat 10 -20

Sun 11 -17

Monday , Tuesday closed